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Match Marketplace is the best way to recruit and hire top telehealth talent in a faster and more affordable way.

The Smarter Way to Hire Clinicians


Faster Time to Interview

Get an instant list of qualified and engaged candidates for all of your open roles.


Reduction in Cost to Hire

We use AI to uncover highly qualified and interested clinicians in our network.

5 X

Improvement in Candidate Relevance

Powered by data (beyond just CVs), we match you with clinicians that fit your needs.

Hiring for Telehealth Leaders Across the Country

Enzyme Gets Better Over Time

Using machine-learning, our platform learns and prioritizes which types of candidates your business values the most. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Enzyme Health Healthcare Recuiting Platform

Finding Clinicians is Simple

There are three easy ways to find qualified clinicians on the Enzyme Network.

Enzyme finds clinicians through advanced algorithm matching

Matching Algorithm

Our intelligent platform matches qualified clinicians to your open roles instantly.

Enzyme allows you to find the right clinician by searching through our network

Search and Track

Search our entire network, contact clinicians, and track candidates in our ATS. Clinicians on Enzyme have a 90% response rate.

Enzyme helps you find the right candidates through job posts

Job Applicants Find You

Our highly talented network of clinicians can apply directly to your openings.

Great Clinicians
Deliver Great Care

Identify, engage, and hire the best.