Simplifying the Telehealth Industry: Types of Telemedicine Companies

Enzyme Health Team March 20, 2019
Simplifying the Telehealth Industry: Types of Telemedicine Companies

From software to mHealth devices, on-demand to asynchronous care, and private practice vs. enterprise support, the landscape of telemedicine companies can be confusing to navigate. Review this guide to understand the different types of companies in the telehealth game and how they can help support your career or medical practice.

Type in “telemedicine company” to Google and you’ll find yourself thrust into a confusing web of software, enterprise solutions, virtual care devices, consumer sites, and more - 13 million results deep. For someone just entering the world of telehealth, it can be confusing to get your bearings and understand all the players in this burgeoning medical field.

Whether you’re a practicing provider or resident exploring this exciting new method of healthcare delivery, an independent practice partner considering the addition of telehealth services, or a healthcare administration professional evaluating options for your clinic, this article outlines the basic categories of telemedicine companies and provides examples of each. While this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide, you should have a better sense of “who does what” in the telehealth industry after reading.

Remote Patient Monitoring Companies & Services

Remote patient monitoring companies develop applications and devices that help clinicians and researchers monitor and track patient health at a distance. Connected devices include blood-glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and thermometers as well as consumer-facing devices like fitness trackers, smart watches, and smart clothing. Remote patient monitoring is considered to be the next phase of virtual healthcare and a core component for future-looking telehealth programs as these devices can increase access to care, decrease healthcare delivery costs, and were recently approved by CMS for provider reimbursement.

Example remote patient monitoring companies, services, apps, and devices:

Private Practice Telehealth Platform Technology Companies

Telehealth companies for private practices provide software-as-a-service (SAAS) technology and telehealth program support to small or solo practices wanting to add telemedicine to their patient service offerings. When choosing a platform, cost is not the only consideration: integration into the EHR, whether patient acquisition support is available, making sure HIPPA and privacy concerns are addressed, and technology ease-of-use are also important factors to consider.

Example private practice telehealth companies:

  • Spruce Health - a comprehensive communication platform for digital care with lots of useful practice features

  • - a secure and free (!) telemedicine platform with paid versions for more features like HD video

  • eVisit - a telemedicine platform that claims to have hosted more telemedicine visits than all other platforms

  • Kareo - a telemedicine platform with claims to the most advanced database of telemedicine insurance rules to ensure reimbursement

Enterprise Telehealth Platform Technology Companies

These companies provide technology and infrastructure to help larger clinics and hospitals implement a telemedicine program.

Example enterprise telehealth companies:

  • American Well - telemedicine services for health systems, health plans, employers, and physicians

  • InTouch Health - telehealth software and devices for consumer-initiated, specialty, and emergent care

  • Philips - hospital/enterprise telehealth for intensive care, medical/surgical, skilled nursing, and specialist consultation in the emergency department

  • SnapMD - a white-label telehealth software solution to virtualize your clinic

  • VSee - telehealth portals, web-based waiting rooms, and carts for large-scale providers like Walgreens and Walmart

  • Iris Telehealth - telepsychiatry services for healthcare systems

On-Demand Consumer Telemedicine Companies

On-demand telemedicine companies deliver consumer-facing (and consumer-initiated) healthcare in real-time via phone or video conference, remotely connecting the patient to a care provider. Many insurance plans are now including on-demand telemedicine programs through these companies as an included patient service offering. As a provider, you can work part-time or full-time for one of these companies delivering healthcare services to virtual patients.

Example on-demand telehealth companies:

  • Teladoc - telephone and video conferencing technology for on-demand remote medical care via mobile devices, the internet, video, and phone

  • MDLive - provides patients, health plans, health systems, and self-insured employers with access to board-certified doctors, pediatricians and licensed therapists via online video, phone, or mobile app

  • Doctor on Demand - a platform for virtual visits with board-certified doctors and licensed psychologists available with and without insurance

Learn more about working for an on-demand telemedicine company in our types of jobs in telemedicine article for providers.

Asynchronous Telemedicine Companies

Asynchronous (or store and forward) telemedicine companies capture patient data to be shared at a later date with a remote medical provider. Information is captured through questionnaires or messaging services, analyzed by a professional, and then sent back to the patient or provider with a diagnosis and/or treatment plan. Many real-time telemedicine companies offer asynchronous services but there are some companies that specialize specifically in store-and-forward.

Example asynchronous telemedicine companies:

  • Sherpaa - provides patient care mainly through mobile messaging

  • Hims - a one-stop shop for men’s wellness and personal care, providing medical grade solutions for men’s hair loss, ED, skin care, and more

  • Hers - sister company to Hims, a women’s care destination for skin, hair, and sex concerns

  • K Health - a primary care app that connects patients with AI-driven information about symptoms and connects to local providers for text chat

  • Alpha Medical - a subscription service for online prescriptions for birth control, skin care, and cosmetic treatments like Latisse

  • HealthTap - a forum for patients to ask healthcare questions and get answers from real doctors

  • iClickCare - HIPPA-secure collaboration for healthcare providers

Telemedicine Job Boards & Telehealth Career Support

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities in telemedicine, there are a few resources to aid in your search.

Example telehealth marketplace companies:

  • Enzyme Health - a telemedicine-specific job board and facilitator matching providers to telehealth jobs that fit their specialty, schedule, and interests

  • ZipRecruiter - a job board that also houses telemedicine jobs but doesn’t specialize in telehealth

  • Indeed - a job board that also houses telemedicine jobs but doesn’t specialize in telehealth

From telemedicine staffing to telehealth job matching and career support, Enzyme Health is your best bet. At Enzyme Health, we connect top clinical talent to innovative healthcare companies, offering clinicians more career flexibility. Current clients include top telemedicine companies like Doctor on Demand, MDLive, Hims / Hers, Intouch Health, and Parsley Health.

For more information, explore our current telemedicine jobs for NPs and physicians and visit our telemedicine careers blog to learn more about working in telehealth.