How to Find the Best Telehealth Candidates for Your Telehealth Jobs

Griffin Mulcahey July 30, 2018
How to Find the Best Telehealth Candidates for Your Telehealth Jobs

In order to deliver a great telemedicine service, you need to find the best healthcare provider (HCP) candidates. The logistics of recruiting, staffing, credentialing, and training a medical team to cover 50 states can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to turn for help. A quick google search for medical staffing sites, job boards, or agencies will yield thousands of results, all claiming to have the best solution for you.

But not every option is the best way for you, your team, and your vision. Here are a few examples of how and where to attract the best health care provider candidates for your clinical team.

DIY recruiting - You can directly reach out to individual candidates via LinkedIn, Doximity, or even Facebook. Tap into your own network, share your job on your various sources and see if any friends-of-friends know a great candidate. You never know what your peer group can turn up until you try.

You may also try to join health care provider specific groups in Facebook or LinkedIn to try and connect directly with candidates. Although, keep in mind many of these groups are private and require anyone joining to be a health care provider as well.

Post on Job Boards - All types of jobs can still be recruited on job boards like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. You must follow specific board guidelines for your postings, and you often pay a fee per post or per engagement your job post receives. You can even find some healthcare specific job boards like Dropout Docs

On the surface, job posting seems like the best move on a budget. The down-side of this approach is you end up sifting through a lot of applicants that don’t meet your job description. When a posting is online, it’s open to anyone and everyone.

Post jobs with State or National Associations - Are you looking for a specific specialty or state location? For example, a family physician in Texas. You can post with the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. Or, you can do the same for national associations like the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Medical association sites often have similar per-post fees as the job posting boards like Indeed, but you do get a more focused audience. You can find association sites at the state or national level for nearly every specialty.

Create a job board on your website - Does your company already have developers working on improving your website? You can add a job page to attract candidate directly to your site. The downside of this approach is limited visibility. Unless your site ranks great on SEO, you will miss candidates who are searching internet wide for jobs.

Retain a Staffing Agency or Recruiting Firm - The healthcare industry is full of huge agencies and firms dedicated to staffing needs. Staffing agencies focus on placing short-term opportunities and will charge you a premium on the hourly rate you pay the provider. These premiums are often as much as 50-80% over a normal hourly rate but can go as low as 15%.

Recruiting firms help you search for a specific candidate and narrow the pool of candidate for you, helping you find a qualified candidate faster. However, this comes at a price, with firms often retaining 20-30% of the placed providers salary as a recruiting fee. As a quick example, you hire a doctor for a $200,000 salary, you cut a check to the recruiting firm for $40,000. Staffing agencies and recruiting firms can give you a quick win, but you often pay a premium.

Finding Your Best Telemedicine Candidates

Don’t be discouraged if you’re having trouble getting started. We leave it up to your creativity to find great people, so you can try multiple ways and strategies. You may want to try 3 or 4 different options on this list and see what works best for you, with your unique priorities.

At Enzyme, we offer our clients a goldilocks strategy that works just right for building a clinical team. Enzyme Health is an intelligent recruiting platform that matches the highest quality clinical talent with innovative healthcare companies.

Enzyme is like a free job board, you can post as many roles as you want for free. We’re also kind of like an association specific job search, as candidates on our network come to us actively in search of telemedicine jobs, and we vet their credentials before they even sign up.

And finally, Enzyme is kind of like a staffing agency or recruiting firm, as our proprietary matching algorithm matches you only with the candidates that meet your exact job searching criteria.

Unlike traditional staffing or recruiting, thanks to our pre-screening and proprietary technology, we match your roles on average in 10 business days, 9 times faster than traditional agencies, and our efficiency allows us to charge rates that are 6 times lower cost compared to industry standards.

Unlike many traditional healthcare staffing companies, Enzyme is exclusively focused on supporting the telemedicine industry. Physicians, NPs, PAs, psychologists, and more from all 50 states and all specialties are joining our marketplace every day in search of a great telemedicine job.

Enzyme is the bridge that connects doctors to jobs, helps innovative companies scale, and increases patient access to quality healthcare across the U.S.

Enzyme is completely free to try. You only pay once we’ve matched you to the best candidate for you.