How Telehealth Jobs Work on Enzyme Health

Griffin Mulcahey March 3, 2018
How Telehealth Jobs Work on Enzyme Health

Finding a great job the traditional way is painful. Dream jobs that match your skills and lifestyle are impossible to find on your tight schedule. We designed Enzyme Health to solve this problem exclusively for the modern healthcare practitioner.

We match you directly to high paying jobs across the country. Many of our jobs even include the flexibility to work from home.

Practitioners complete a simple user-friendly profile in under 2 minutes. Based on your background, skills, and lifestyle preferences Enzyme then matches you with Telehealth or Moonlighting jobs that fit you.

Flexibility and Freedom

Serve patients uninterrupted from the comfort of your own home, office or convenient location - from anywhere in the U.S. Experience reduced administrative tasks and efficient paperless charting. Work-life balance and flexibility are core benefits of telehealth practices models with scheduling options to fit your life.

Most opportunities allow work from home flexibility. Some of our companies do prefer doctors work in an office side-by-side with the product, engineering and support teams. By working together in office the technology team can constantly learn and improve the experience based on clinical feedback.

Patient-practitioner Relationship

Avoid rushing in and out of visit rooms and treat patients in the comfort of their own home. Our clients offer high-touch support to allow clinicians to focus on the patient and manage treatment and continuity of care through.

Technology Driven

Our Telehealth companies have technology platforms providing clinicians with user-friendly software that includes EMR, secure messaging, video streaming capabilities, and EMR. The software handles every step of your clinical experience including patient scheduling, pharmacy information and customer support. For scheduling, the software utilizes routing functionality keeping patient wait time at a minimum while providing clinicians the proper amount of time to complete meaningful and quality visits.

Independent Contractor, Part-time and Employed Opportunities

Telehealth allows for maximum job flexibility. Clinicians can contract part-time to keep life flexibility, provide seasonal support for volume spikes, or even work full-time as a telehealth clinician. Many telehealth employers allow clinicians to start part-time to see if telehealth is the right fit for you.

The next step is your new life. Sign up and get matched with your ideal job today.