How Can Medical Professionals Transform Healthcare? (2/2)

Griffin Mulcahey January 2, 2018
How Can Medical Professionals Transform Healthcare? (2/2)

Healthcare is a mess. Huge corporations selling health insurance and pharmaceutical distributors are setting record profits year after year. While the people that matter, consumers and the medical professional delivering care, have become an afterthought.

Atul Gawande- surgeon, speaker, and author most famously forThe Checklist Manifestois now on a mission to foster teamwork,ongoing learning through coaching, and team based feedback into everyday medical practice.

As Dr. Gawande observed, theaverage hospital patient will be treated by 15 different clinicians. How can any patient keep all the information straight?!?

The notion of patient-centered care has become a hot topic. Dr. Gawande is focused on making that a reality from the clinicians perspective. We want to know biggest hurdles facing medical professionals - the doctors, nurses, NPs, and PAs delivering care on the frontline.

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