11 Vacation Spots With The Best Wifi

Michelle Davey June 15, 2018
11 Vacation Spots With The Best Wifi

Summer is here which means it is time to be rejuvenated by a much needed vacation. Long gone are the days of doubling down on shifts for extra cash to fund your vacation or having to offload patients on already swamped colleagues. The future of the working world is evolving and more jobs can be done remotely. Telemedicine jobs have emerged and they allow clinicians to finally not be tied to a clinic or hospital all day and night.

Below is a list of the 11 vacation spots we recommend clinicians that have remote telehealth jobs to travel to with the best wifi. Still looking for a telemedicine job to support your lifestyle? Check out Enzyme Health.

1. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Photo by Ragnar Vorel

One of Thailand’s biggest islands, Koh Phangan is known for the long white beaches that border this tropical paradise. Go find a local fisherman who will take you out on his boat for the day to be fully surrounded by the bright blue ocean. Pro tip: If you want to avoid crowds up to 30,000, we recommend avoiding Full Moon time, unless you are ready to celebrate this lively and beautiful festival.

Wifi quality: Rent a house to have reliable wifi

2. Oaxacan Coast, Mexico


If you want to go to Mexico, but don’t want to follow the crowds to the populous destinations, the Oaxacan Coast is the place for you. Known for amazing surf breaks, surfers of all levels will not be dissapointed. For those not into surfing, Mazunte has meditation and yoga retreats surrounding the area. Or continue enjoying the Pacific Ocean by snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing, or whale and dolphin watching.

Wifi quality: Reliable and best when you rent a house

3. Jaco, Costa Rica


Another surfers paradise for you with breaks that are easy to get to. You will be immersed in this town that has a collaborative mix of Costa Rican natives and expats that have opened quality restaurants and bars. Around the area there are mountains to go on a waterfall hike, zipline, or atv ride. You can even go on swamp trips where you can see Costa Rica’s large crocodiles.

** Wifi quality: Very good in hotels, houses for rent, and most restaurants**

4. Hoi An, Vietnam


This up and coming beach side town is becoming more of a hot spot in Vietnam. What is unique about this town is the way that it is built with canals that cut through it. Even the architecture is appealing, and you will see different styles from a mix of eras. With beautiful beaches and mountains nearby there is everything to do from swimming to hiking. If you are into authentic spicy food, this is a town you for sure want to travel to.

Wifi quality: Fast wifi in most places

5. Goa, India


If you are ready to fully immerse yourself in a different culture, there is no better place than India. After flying into one of India’s populous cities, head to Goa to be relaxed by some of the best beaches in the world. You can go visit 17th century churches, and drive past spice plantations. What is unique about Goa is that it once was a Portuguese colony, so it is a beautiful blend of both Indian and Portuguese cultures.

Wifi Quality: Fairly good overall

6. Taghazout, Morocco


Morocco is a must with the most care and detail in many of the hotels, restaurants, and shops. Taghazout is on the coast and is a quaint fishing village that has condos and houses made of clay lining the coast. This coast is also known for its surfing. You will get your fill of middle eastern and mediterranean food while in this town. There is a rich culture and history to Morocco to learn more about while there.

Wifi Quality: Very Good

7. Rhodes, Greek Islands


Rhodes is the largest Greek Island and holds some of the most beautiful ancient ruins. Visit Old Town, Street of Knights, Mandraki, Lindos and the Valley of Butterflies. Not only are there ruins to see, but you will not be disappointed by the resorts that this island has to offer.

Wifi Quality: Very Good

8. Tel Aviv, Israel


Along the coast of Israel you will be surrounded by 1930s Bauhaus buildings that are all in White Clay giving a dusty romantic mediterranean feel. Enjoy some of the most authentic Middle Eastern food and explore museums such as Beit Hatfutsot and The Eretz Israel Museum. The beaches lining the coast are ones you will no doubt enjoy. You can try the Gordon-Frishman Beach, Dolphinarium Beach, and Alma Beach.

Wifi Quality: Good, especially in hostels or rented houses

9. Tallinn, Estonia


If the beach is not where you want your summer travels to be, try the culture hub of Estonia. This town is on the coast of the Baltic sea and still has ancient architecture such as it Gothic Town Hall and 13th century St. Nicholas Church.

Wifi Quality: home of Skype, so wifi is well supported

10. Helsinki, Finland


A city worth visiting that has a History Museum and a Modern Art Museum. Helsinki holds numerous grass covered bluffs to look out over the Gulf of Finland. There are also parks inside and around the city that are perfect for a stroll or afternoon picnic. The city has laid back rhythms, but can support lively entertainment with a great nightlife and delicious restaurants.

Wifi Quality: Very Good

11. Asheville, North Carolina


For those not looking to travel overseas, Asheville is in the states and filled with natural wonders that will make the trip. You can go exploring in two great national forest, the Pisgah and Nantahala. Then get a glimpse of the cities past by visiting the iconic Biltmore, and riding a trolley to see the Art Deco architecture.

Wifi: Excellent at any rented home or hotel

Physicians you no longer have to wait for the summer to travel, but with a telemedicine job you can have the flexibility to go when you desire.